We are in a universe full of competition. In every walk of life now we are in competition. In the world of competition individuals are always’ on a run’ to achieve their targets in various fields. Every one of us faces competition and competitors are unlimited. No one is ‘at rest’ and the confidence of being always at the lead is at stake as every movement a new competitor appears to overtake the ‘world of letters’ which can equip the viewers with courage and intelligences is the ‘way out’. With this back ground.

We announce to launch a new News and Entertainment web Channel in the name of Newsmakertv.in having sought the precious suggestions of friends and well wishers, who expressed that,………. There has been an increase in the number o f TV Channels at a rapid speed in recent times, with secretarian views, careering to the needs of particular sections of viewers with encircled events and opinions. There has been none to promote the careers of individuals with a wide range of knowledge and information. There is still an essentiality for a Newsmakertv web channel that takes care of all the requirements of individuals in the present times of careerism. This promoted us to dash in for the Newsmakertv web channel a new wave.

The Tv Web Channels have become a most useful and proactive organs engaged in the dissemination of information and knowledge covering various fields of human activity in the fast developing and competitive modern society. The TV’s audio-visual medium. Stretching across the nook and corner of the entire globe, has a magnetice impact on the learned and the laity, providing them the latest news punctuated by entertainment and enlightenment though live coverage of social, Political, entertainment and other events topical interest.

We have ventured to start Newsmakertv.in News and Entertainment web Channel with an altogether new and fascinating concept that will encompass all the nobel aspects and aspirations of the civilized society like News, Culture, Devotion, Partrotism, social gatherings, Cinema and Spirituality which will inspire, elevate and reform the entire mass of humanity and thus lay the foundation for a new physically and morally vibrant society.

Aims and Objectives:

Today’s society is filled with a number of TV Channels around us competing with each other and trying cut off the others in the market. These channels are going to any extent in achieving the so called TRP’s and gain a name in the market. The result is known to everybody. The values in the news broadcasting services have stopped to a new low.

In such a scenario we aim to come up with a News and Entertainment Channel which can truly stand as pillar to the democracy. We look forward to achieve this goal by maintain high standards and the same time sticking to the basic rules. A NEWS AND ENTERTINMENT CHANNEL basically requires presenting the fact as it is and get to the roots of is and it is not expected to propagate its personal views and opinions on the said fact.

We strongly vow to fulfill the social responsibility as a NEWS AND ENTERTINEMENT CHANNEL and will strive towards achieving a good society upholding the morals and values of News broadcasting service. Though there are a number of objectives on our charter, some of them are listed here under.

“To ensure that the reality is reflected in the news we broadcast right from the local level to the international arena.”
“To telecast information based interactive discussion programs aimed at people from different walks of life.”
“To telecast programs aimed at youth empowerment and generating patriotisms and national integrity among the people.”
“To telecast programs specially designed for children education, career and character building.”
“To telecast educational programs aimed at uplifting of rural, backward and tribal people.”
“To telecast women oriented programs which would enable them think innovative and develop themselves.”
“To telecast programs that encourages arts, literature, culture and traditions of our Country.”

Last but not the least, to stick to the basic rules of news of broadcasting by reflecting the true reality and no to look sensationalism in any way.


G. VIJAYRAJ, B.A., B.P.R(Bachelor of Public Relations) Editor and Publisher of NEWSMAKER Telugu fortnightly Magazine established in 1999 since 18 years.

Having 15 years experience in Marketing and above 30 years experience in cultural field as follows:

Founder General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Nataka Kala Samithi,
President Padmasri Chittoor V. Nagaiah film society
Treasurer Samaikya Bharathi
President telugu traditional folk forms Academy and other organizations.

Conducted nearly 500 cultural and Social events state widely. Visited Singapore in 2008 and andaman,nicoba through South Cultural Center Tanjavur for participating in cultural events.